When shopping for just the right business to care for your wedding, it's best to make a list of things you want and
things you do not. After careful review, we recommend that you interview your potential vendors to make sure
they are the right fit for you. We are committed to continuing our education and yours. We want to work as a
solid fluid team. Our goal is to help reduce stress and create a better event for our clients. We are Springfield
Illinois Local Wedding Favorites. Use one of us or use us all of us to increase the success of your event. You
can't buy trust or membership in the SLF. You must earn it, deserve it and show it to be a member.
springfield illinois local wedding favorites
Springfield Illinois Local Wedding Favorites
The S.L.F. is a not for profit Illinois based incorporation.
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There are no ways to do it over,
so please pick from our list of Springfield Illinois
Local Wedding Favorites for your next event.
7th Annual Bridal Bash 2014
Springfield Local Favorites
We know that we provide great services and we want the opportunity to show you why we are the best in
our field. After a personal meeting with any one of us, you will have a better understanding of why others
refer to us as the most recommended wedding related businesses in the area. Some of us have been doing
our chosen field for over 15, 20 and even 25 years. It is no wonder why by working together we have all
gotten better at taking care of you on your most important day. Your wedding is one day that you will never
forget and we want to make it the event you have always hoped for. A team that is familiar with you and the
Central and Downstate areas of Illinois. Some of our most frequently visited locations are Athens,
Beardstown, Bloomington, Champaign, Chatham, Charleston, Carbondale, Danville, Decatur, Effingham,
Edwardsville, Hillsboro, Jacksonville, Lincoln, Litchfield, Macomb, Mt Vernon, Mt Zion, Petersburg, Peoria,
Quincy, Petersburg, Rochester, Riverton,Springfield, St. Louis, Taylorville, Vandalia and many other
locations near you.  We are a wedding related group of business services that want to provide you the best
team to care for your event.
Buying eggs, milk and flour does not mean you can bake a wedding cake. Having a bunch of mp3's does not
make you a professional DJ. Owning a camera does not make you a Photographer. Cooking mac n cheese does
not make you a Chef. Having a rose garden does not make you a florist. It's about mastering your craft. It is more
than a hobby. It's a commitment to excellence and the attitude to consistently perform to the highest level. We
have monthly educational meetings. We refer the best because we are always working to raise the bar. We hold
each other accountable to do the right thing. No one can just a buy a membership, you must apply and be
approved. This means if we trust them, you can too.  When any one of us are on the job, you can relax and
enjoy your day.
18 Month Planner
Stress Free Events!
                                                Mission Statement:  
We will work as a team to provide above average service. We will work as a
team to provide better events for our clients. We will work to educate the
public, other vendors and ourselves about ways to make the overall
success of every wedding better. We will work as a team to help improve
the quality, talent, skills and abilities of our services.

We will work to help you and your family have less stress and more fun.